Your gift is important and we are grateful for the support. It will help us to educate the young and old on the virtues of human kindness and understanding, that was modeled by our two Hawaii Saints, St. Damien and St. Marianne.

For one time gifts or pledges, please “click” on the DONATE button on the right to begin. At the DONOR SCREEN, please select DAMIEN AND MARIANNE OF MOLOKA’I EDUCATION CENTER, enter the amount of your donation and follow the prompts to complete your donation.

For a lasting remembrance, there are NAMING OPPORTUNITIES available. See list below.

Education Center Building$1,000,000.001
Gift Shop$500,000.001
First Floor$250,000.001
Second Floor$150,000.001
Koa Chapel Altar$100,000.001
Saint Marianne Statue$75,000.001
Saint Damien Statue$75,000.001
First Floor Display 1$25,000.001
First Floor Display 2$25,000.001
First Floor Display 3$25,000.001
Stained Glass Windows$15,000.00 each9
Chapel Pews$10,000.00 each4
Second Floor Display 1$25,000.001
Second Floor Display 2$25,000.001
Second Floor Display 3$25,000.001
Second Floor Display 4$25,000.001
Second Floor Display 5$25,000.001
Second Floor Display 6$25,000.001
Second Floor Display 7$25,000.001
Second Floor Display 8$25,000.001
Second Floor Display 9$25,000.001
Second Floor Display 10$25,000.001
Outdoor Stone Garden Benches$7,500.00 each6
Outdoor Cast Iron Garden Benches$7,500.00 each2
Large Tile$5000.00 each25
Medium Tile$3,000.00 each50
Small Tile$1,000.00 each100

To secure a NAMING OPPORTUNITY, please call 808 926-0181 or email us at  You may also mail in your request to:  Damien and Marianne of Moloka’i Education Center, 130 Ohua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815.  Mahalo for your support.

Education Center Hours

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